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History-Related Articles

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The following is our list or articles that are related to history.

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Canada’s Far North: The Land, Resources, and its People

The people of Canada’s far north are evolving from a self-sufficient economy to a money-based economy strongly tied to the south, have new means of transportation, all while Canada has extended its hand in creating the new territory of Nunavut to help cater to the people of the far north. Read more...

Causes of Black Immigration Patterns in the South

Over the years, there have been some major catalysts which affected black immigration patterns of the south. Some of the rural areas of the south have population demographics that have stayed stagnant, whereas other areas are changing rapidly, such as in Florida. Read more...

Connecticut: Changes Over Time

Connecticut is one of the earliest places that was settled by European colonists, and its role as part of the larger North American society, as well as its population, and how its land gets used has changed over time. Here we wll discuss some of the changes that have taken place in Connecticut over time. Read more...

The Dust Bowl

A weather phenomenon took place in the 1930's that was known as the Dust Bowl. Find out more about this event, as well as some lessons learned from this horrifying event. Read more...

French-Canadian Waterways: Their Importance in the Region's Economy and Employment

French-Canadian waterways have been important in the industry, commerce, and general economy of the region, both historically as well as today. Let's find out more about these waterways, and how they may be used to help produce income for Quebec, as well as all Canadians, into the future. Read more...

The Great San Francisco Earthquake

The Great San Francisco Earthquake was one of the largest disasters recorded in the history of the state of California. Let's discuss this earthquake, and its impact and consequences. Read more...

History of North America’s Pacific Northwest

This region is quite rich in its history of native people, explorers, and settlers. Read more...

How Different Groups Attained Their Voting Rights

Here you will find out how different groups attained their voting rights in the United States. This includes women, African-Americans, as well as those people who are eighteen years old. Read more...



Improving Northern New England

In the last several decades, northern New England has become economically depressed, and people are more likely to move away from the area, rather than move into it, causing the population to decrease. Here you will find some reasons for this trend, as well as some possible solutions to help drive people back into that area and boost that region's economy. Read more...

Lake Michigan: its Location, Form, History, and Management

Lake Michigan is a spectacular natural feature that has blessed those who are able to enjoy its presence, beauty, and natural power. Here we will quickly discuss its location, form, history, and management. Read more...

Native American and First Nations Claims in the Boreal Forest Region of North America

Ever since the days that European people colonized and settled the vast lands of North America, Native Americans, also known as First Nations, have been trying to make claims to their ancient homelands in order to gain more control of those areas. The same holds true for those native groups that were part of the vast boreal forest region in the northern part of the continent, that stretches from Alaska in the west to Labrador in the east. Let's give a quick history overview of these claims, as well as future impacts of these claims, both legitimate and non-legitimate claims. Read more...

Preserving Hawaiian Language & Culture

There has been a movement in the Hawaiian Islands to recapture and preserve the native culture and language of Hawaii. There are some reasons why this is quite important. Read more...

Rocky Mountain Mining Industry: Anaconda-Butte & Southwestern Wyoming Regions

Mining the natural resources of America's west has long been a mainstay of the economy of the western United States. It has been this way ever since people from the U.S. started settling out west. Two examples of this western mining industry, both the Anaconda-Butte Region in Montana, and the Southwestern Wyoming Region, will be explained in more detail below. Read more...

Short History of European Immigration to North America

Before the 17th century, North America was only populated sparsely by some Native American groups, which clustered mostly along the Gulf Coast, the Pacific Coast, and in Alaska, although there were some other groups elsewhere inside the continent that were more loosely scattered, and less clustered together. Starting with the 17th century, the period of European migration took place, with different European groups migrating to the North American continent, primarily the United States. Here you will find which European groups migrated to North America the most, from the 1600's to the present. You will also find each group's dominant time periods of immigration, and their reasons for their migration to the new continent. Read more...

The Supreme Court and Federalism

The U.S. Supreme Court has played a primary role in the history of America's federalism. Here we will talk about this subject, and give examples to back up the claim. Read more...

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 [ regional based articles ]   [ politically related articles ]   [ environmental articles ] 

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