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50 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Identity from Thieves

There are many things that you can do to help protect your financial assets from identity thieves. You don’t want the wealth that you’ve built up over many years to be destroyed, and you don’t want your credit score destroyed by money-craving thieves who want to make their own lives better, without doing an honest-day’s work, and at your expense. So, it’s important to learn how to better protect yourself, both offline and online, to prevent this from happening. Read more...


Getting Out of Debt: 28 Things You Should Know

Are you desperately trying to get out of debt? If you are, you will want to take a look at this list to find out the things that you can do to get out of debt. Read more...


8 Things That You Should Have to Better Protect Yourself While Traveling

With these eight things, you can better protect yourself from harm, make your life easier, and be better prepared in case of possible problems. Read more...


How to Get Your Free Credit Reports; How to Correct Errors in Your Credit Reports

Find out how to order your free annual credit reports from the three major credit bureaus, and how to challenge any possible errors in one of your reports. Read more...


Disposing of Your Old Computer

If you are planning on getting rid of your old computer, you don’t want it to become a treasure chest of information that identity thieves can use to borrow money or drain your bank accounts. Follow these four steps, in the proper order, and you will not have any trouble getting rid of your old computer, and then reestablishing a new computer. Read more...


How to Safely Dispose of Your Mobile Device - Protect yourself from identity thieves.

If you are planning on getting rid of your old mobile device or smart phone - perhaps you're upgrading - you will want to get rid of personal data off of your old cell phone, because, if you don't, you can become an easy target for identity thieves. So, what should you do to safely dispose of your mobile device? Take a look at these tips and find out what you need to do. Read more...




How to Opt Out of Prescreened Credit Offers, Telemarketing Calls, Mail & Email

Stop telemarketers from calling you at all hours of the day and night with their pushy tactics. Stop getting pre-approved credit card offers and other onsolicited commercial mail from being sent to you. And, stop being bombarded with unsolicited marketing emails. Look at this article to find out where you sign up to stop these annoying things from happening to you. Read more...


Medical Identity Theft – How to Spot it, How to Fix it

Tens of thousands of people each year become the victim of medical identity theft. Because of this, it is important to stay vigilant, and keep your eyes open, to stay on the lookout for possible medical identity theft. In this article, you can find some pointers that will help you to spot medical identity theft, and if you discover it, you will find what you need to do in order to fix it. Read more...


Placing a Fraud Alert or Freeze on Your Credit File

If you believe that you have been the victim of identity theft, you can stop the thief from being able to get more credit, or borrow more money, using your identity by putting a fraud alert, or placing a freeze, on your credit file. Read this article to find out how to do these things. Read more...


Things to Save Before Wiping the Data off of your Old Computer’s Hard Drive

If you are planning on getting a new computer, then you may want to think about what you should save on your old computer. Read this suggested list of things that you should save to reestablish on your new computer. Read more...


5 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Device from Identity Thieves

Learn what you can do to make your mobile device safer, protecting it from identity thieves. You don't want people hacking into your phone and taking personal information that they can then use to take out a line of credit in your name, or drain your bank account. Take a look at these five tips and make yourself more safe. Read more...


12 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Identity Thieves & Make it Run Faster

Follow these tips to better protect your computer from being targeted by potential identity thieves. In the process, you can also help your computer to perform faster. Protect your hard-earned money from being targeted through your computer, and be more productive with your time, by following these 12 tips. Read more...

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